Monday, 17 April 2017

Slimming world update week two

Hello everyone!

As you know from my last post, my husband and I joined slimming world.  I have aimed to lose two stone (28lbs)  before my gastric bypass.
The first week I put on 1/2lb.  Great!  The Husband lost 5lb!  OK so I accept this.  Ive only just started eating again after my stay in intensive care which you can read about  here on our family blog.  So I accept a slight weight gain as my body adjusts to eating again.

So one to week two.  I weighed on Saturday this week instead of Thursday as its school holidays and we've just been so busy.  I had lost 1/2lb!  What even is 1/2lb?  The weight of my knickers!  Maybe I will take them off for weighing next week!  Second thoughts! LOL
The Husband, THE HUSBAND!!!!! Lost 6lb!!  How is that even possible.  We eat the same things, although I eat smaller portions.  I know people lose weight at different rates but come on!  Give me a break!  Don't think I'm picking on the Husband, I'm so pleased that he is taking this chance to improve his life and health.  He has about 5 stone to lose and is well on the way to doing it.  I'm proud of him!

Ive tried slimming world  before.  I love the food and the way of eating but as a weight loss tool it just doesn't seem to work for me.  Ive paid for 12 weeks so I will stay the course and do my very best.  I will stick to the plan and pray before I get on the scales each week.  Who knows this could be the time it works for me. 

The slimming world consultants say "It will definitely work if you stay on plan"  Well Ive news for you!  It doesn't always!  Still lets see what next week brings!  I could get on and have a huge loss! 
Here's hoping!

See you soon
Hales xxx

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Slimming world!

Hi Lovlies!

So today the husband and I joined up to slimming world (30/03/2017).  We first had a chat with the consultant.  She ran through the plan with us and the do's and do not's.  Then we were weighed.  Right now I weigh 185.1kg (29st 2lb or 408lbs)  This means Ive lost 1stone 4lbs since starting this weight loss experience.  (I hate the word "journey")

 The slimming world plan seems quite a easy plan to follow and seems to concentrate on eating protein more than carbs.  You can have unlimited lean meats, which pleased the Mr very much!  We've done slimming world before and it was quite a successful experience.  But like most things I got so far and then got despondent and gave up. 

This time I intend to go and follow the plan until I have the gastric bypass.  This gives me the best chance of being as healthy as it is possible for me to be before the surgery.  Ive set myself a goal of losing two stone.  That maybe doesn't seem a lot to most people but to me that is a achievable amount of weight to lose before my next appointment at the Luton and Dunstable clinic in June.

  Can I do it?  Of course I can!  I'm motivated and I have the support around me to do it.  It is the right time in my life to make the change.  I can do this!

Speak to you soon

Hales xxx

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ive been poorly, but good news!

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry its been such a long time since I posted.  I caught pneumonia and ended up in hospital for 3 weeks! (one of those in intensive care)   It was a horrid experience one I don't intend to repeat.  The hospital staff were amazing and treated me so well.  I'm so grateful for our wonderful NHS service!

Well now to my news!  I went for my review appointment at the Luton and Dunstable hospital.  In the 23 days I was on the milk diet I lost 1 stone (14lbs)  Although I was expected to lose another half stone, Ive been approved for surgery on the understanding that I lose the other half stone before seeing the surgeon.  I now have a appointment for June to see the surgeon and anaesthetist.  I am looking forward to the appointment and from the research Ive done it appears that the surgery takes place about twelve weeks after the surgeons appointment.  This takes me to the end of august/early September.  Its exciting to think I will have my surgery before Christmas.  Its going to change my life.

In the interim my husband and I will be joining slimming world.  I want to lose as much weight as possible before my surgery so that I'm as healthy as I can possibly be before surgery and losing weight can only help this.

Well hats all the news from me.  I hope you are doing well on your weight loss journey and would love to hear your experiences.  Please comment below!

Bye for now

Hales xx

Monday, 27 February 2017

Week three, LCLD Low calorie liquid diet.

Hello everyone.

So its week three of the LCLD.  It has been so much easier than I thought it would be.  I still haven't has a day where I have been able to finish the whole of the milk allowance.  I don't know if this will adversely effect my weight loss results but I'm hoping not.  The allowance is quite generous and apart from the odd days when I have felt hunger it has been easy going.  I'm not saying Id like to be on the diet indefinitely but its been bearable. 

When I go back to the hospital I will have been on the diet for 23 days.  This is a little short of the four weeks I was told do do but I guess the hospital fit you in for a appointment when they can really. 

I'm a little nervous to be weighed as I don't know how I will feel if I haven't reached my target weight loss of 1 1/2 stone, or  21lbs.  Ive been told if Ive reached target, my next appointment will be to see the surgeon.  Its exciting but nervous times! 

I'm also concerned about how to keep the weight Ive lost off.  I'm hoping I will be given a eating plan or some guidelines to help me with that.  I am also considering joining up with slimming world again.  I tried to lose weight with slimming world before and lost about 2 stone (28lbs) before I gave up.  Silly of me really but we all do these things.  I believe it will be easier this time as I have the goal of my operation to keep me motivated.  Well that and my improved health and fitness.

Well I shall sign off now and I will report back after Ive been to the hospital and been weighed.  Keep your fingers crossd for me and remember me in your prayers.

Bye for now
Hales xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Phone call from the hospital and jelly belly!

Hello everyone.

So today I had a phone call from the hospital. 
They took some routine bloods from me at my last visit and it seems there are some problems with levels in my blood.  This means I can only stay on the LCLD for four weeks and I have to return to the hospital on 2nd March to be weighed.  This means I am too have lost the 1 1/2 stone in four weeks rather than the six weeks I was originally allowed.  I pray I can do this.  The nurse who rang me said that as long as Ive lost the required amount then the next appointment I have will be with the surgeon!  Exciting times! 
So now I just have to make sure that weight has gone!

As far as the LCLD is concerned I have stuck to it rigidly.  When the rest of the family had McDonalds I just drank my milk and coffee. I even "went out" for breakfast and just drank coffee.   I have resisted all the temptations.  I have not wavered one bit.  But Id be lying if I said it hasn't been difficult at times.  The smell of my husband cooking tea, the Grandchildren offering me one of their crisps or sweets.  The temptations are real my friends!

I found day 9 & 10 really hard.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened (except it was half term) but those two days stand out as the most difficult.  I had hunger pangs that I hadn't experienced before and found it hard to take my mind off food.  My real saving grace on those days were the book I was reading (hollow city from the miss peregrine range) and the sugar free jelly I always keep for evening time. 

 It seems almost anti social not to eat with people when they are eating.  But this is the price I pay if I want to reach my ultimate goal. Project GET HALES A SMALLER ARSE is on!

I will update you when I return from the hospital next week.
Bye for now
Hales x

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Week one LCLD -6lb

Hello lovelies

Today I weighed in for the first time since starting the diet.  I have lost six pounds this week!  Well I think its six pounds as my scales keep giving me different weights but I know Ive lost some!  I will keep using the same scales and go from that weight.  I guess I wont get a true reading until I go back to the hospital but its good enough to know I'm losing some weight.

The liquid diet has been much easier than I first thought it would.  I haven't experienced the hunger that I thought was inevitable.  In face I haven't been able to finish all the liquid I'm allowed on any one day.   The bathroom trips particularly at night has been a little tedious but I guess you have to expect that!  The first few days I woke up with a huge breakout on my chin.  I can only assume that that was the toxins coming out of my body and that's got to be a good thing right?  But since then I have had really good skin.  Ive suffered from spots and breakouts for years so this is quite a welcome change. 

I will pop in next week with my weight loss statistics next week and hopefully I will have lost the same or even more.  Well that's what I'm hoping.  To lose 6lb a week puts me well in to the target of 1.5 stone in six weeks that the hospital want.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you here in my teeny corner of the Internet soon !
Bye for now


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Obesity Multidisciplinary meeting at Luton and Dunstable hospital

Hi everyone and welcome back.

So last Tuesday I attended my MDP (multidisciplinary appointments ) at Luton and dunstable hospital.
I firstly saw the obesity nurse who weighed me and took some blood.  These were to test different levels in my blood and I will get the results some time next week.  I discussed the reasons for wanting gastric surgery and asked if Id considered all the options available to me. (which I have).  I was then sent to see the dietitian.
The Gastric bypass

We discussed my eating pattern and what sort of foods I eat.  He asked once again had I considered all the surgery options available.  I replied that I had and had decided the best option for me was the gastric bypass.  He then talked me through a low calorie liquid diet.  (LCLD) Basically its a diet which consists of liquids only, predominately semi-skimmed milk.  I wont put any further detail on here for fear of others trying to copy this diet without medical supervision.  He said I was to do this diet for a total of six weeks and then return to see him. I have a target weight loss of 1 1/2 stone to lose in that six weeks.  Then I was sent off to see the psychologist.

The gastric sleeve
The psychologist (called Emma) was lovely.  We discussed the reasons for my overeating and if I am a emotional eater.  I'm not really I just enjoy eating.  Portion size is a big downfall of  mine.  She asked questions about my past and my childhood.  Some of this was rather painful for me to talk about but she was really lovely and put me at ease.  After we had been talking for a hour she said that she approved my surgery.  This was the one appointment I had been dreading as I knew if she had of said no then my hopes of a operation would have been dashed or I would have a even longer wait.  

I now have to wait for a phone call from one of the team telling me my next step.  I know I have to return to see the dietitian in six weeks time but after that? I'm not sure.

So I am now on the LCLD for six weeks.   Ive done five days already and its not as hard as I thought.  The hardest thing is being around other people when they eat.  The smells from cooking also are hard but I am blessed in that my husband does the cooking and so I'm not having to struggle with that.  I will update you here weekly as to my progress on the diet. 

I would love to hear from you if you are on this process or have been through it so please comment below.  It would be good to speak to others in the same kind of position.  

Bye for now
Hales xx

Saturday, 11 February 2017


Hello and welcome to my little space on the Internet!

My name is Hales and I'm losing it lightly!  This blog is for me to document my weight loss and the things I learn and do along the way.

So a bit about me.
I'm 42yrs old and married to a lovely guy called Nige.  I have four children varying in age from 26-11 years.  I have five grandchildren.  I live in the east of England.
I have battled with my weight for much of my life.  In fact I can hardly remember a time when Ive not worried bout my weight or body shape/size.  Until now!  Ive got a very positive body image and this is mostly due to a husband who tells me everyday how beautiful I am!  (Bless him hes a keeper!)

My need for weight loss is due to health reasons.  I am struggling with my mobility due to a stroke and recent P.E and DVT.  I also have epilepsy and have up to five seizures a day.  This has led to many days laid in bed .  Anyone who has seizures will tell you that they are exhausting and in most cases the best thing to do is sleep off the fatigue.  So basically in the 16 months since Ive had epilepsy the weight has piled on.

I visited my GP and he suggested weight loss surgery. It was something I had thought about but had never really seriously considered it.  So I went away and did a lot of research. i mean A LOT! I watched youtube videos, researched the risks, procedures and the different types of surgery available, the effectiveness ad the results that happen and I decided that this would be the best route for me to go down.
The upshot of this is that I was referred to Luton and Dunstable hospital for surgery.

My first appointment took about six months.  I first attended the clinic in September 2016.  Its a 300 mile round trip for us to get there so it took some planning!
At the first appointment (which was in fact two appointments one after the other) I was weighed by a nurse and asked if I knew about the different types of surgery.  I then saw a general medical Dr where he went through my medical history and gave me a general health check to ensure I was suitable to surgery.  He approved me and then told me to expect a appointment for six months time for a MDP meeting.  A Multidisciplinary meeting where I would see a dietitian, a Psychologist and a nurse.

I received a appointment for June 2017.

Then I joined a facebook group for Bariactric patients from the Luton and dunstable and was told to ask to go on the cancellation list for a appointment which I did. I then received a phone call the same day asking me if I could attend a appointment on February 7th!  Of course I said yes!

I will end here for today and will do another post about my experience of the MDP appointment.
Bye for now x