Saturday, 11 February 2017


Hello and welcome to my little space on the Internet!

My name is Hales and I'm losing it lightly!  This blog is for me to document my weight loss and the things I learn and do along the way.

So a bit about me.
I'm 42yrs old and married to a lovely guy called Nige.  I have four children varying in age from 26-11 years.  I have five grandchildren.  I live in the east of England.
I have battled with my weight for much of my life.  In fact I can hardly remember a time when Ive not worried bout my weight or body shape/size.  Until now!  Ive got a very positive body image and this is mostly due to a husband who tells me everyday how beautiful I am!  (Bless him hes a keeper!)

My need for weight loss is due to health reasons.  I am struggling with my mobility due to a stroke and recent P.E and DVT.  I also have epilepsy and have up to five seizures a day.  This has led to many days laid in bed .  Anyone who has seizures will tell you that they are exhausting and in most cases the best thing to do is sleep off the fatigue.  So basically in the 16 months since Ive had epilepsy the weight has piled on.

I visited my GP and he suggested weight loss surgery. It was something I had thought about but had never really seriously considered it.  So I went away and did a lot of research. i mean A LOT! I watched youtube videos, researched the risks, procedures and the different types of surgery available, the effectiveness ad the results that happen and I decided that this would be the best route for me to go down.
The upshot of this is that I was referred to Luton and Dunstable hospital for surgery.

My first appointment took about six months.  I first attended the clinic in September 2016.  Its a 300 mile round trip for us to get there so it took some planning!
At the first appointment (which was in fact two appointments one after the other) I was weighed by a nurse and asked if I knew about the different types of surgery.  I then saw a general medical Dr where he went through my medical history and gave me a general health check to ensure I was suitable to surgery.  He approved me and then told me to expect a appointment for six months time for a MDP meeting.  A Multidisciplinary meeting where I would see a dietitian, a Psychologist and a nurse.

I received a appointment for June 2017.

Then I joined a facebook group for Bariactric patients from the Luton and dunstable and was told to ask to go on the cancellation list for a appointment which I did. I then received a phone call the same day asking me if I could attend a appointment on February 7th!  Of course I said yes!

I will end here for today and will do another post about my experience of the MDP appointment.
Bye for now x

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