Sunday, 12 February 2017

Obesity Multidisciplinary meeting at Luton and Dunstable hospital

Hi everyone and welcome back.

So last Tuesday I attended my MDP (multidisciplinary appointments ) at Luton and dunstable hospital.
I firstly saw the obesity nurse who weighed me and took some blood.  These were to test different levels in my blood and I will get the results some time next week.  I discussed the reasons for wanting gastric surgery and asked if Id considered all the options available to me. (which I have).  I was then sent to see the dietitian.
The Gastric bypass

We discussed my eating pattern and what sort of foods I eat.  He asked once again had I considered all the surgery options available.  I replied that I had and had decided the best option for me was the gastric bypass.  He then talked me through a low calorie liquid diet.  (LCLD) Basically its a diet which consists of liquids only, predominately semi-skimmed milk.  I wont put any further detail on here for fear of others trying to copy this diet without medical supervision.  He said I was to do this diet for a total of six weeks and then return to see him. I have a target weight loss of 1 1/2 stone to lose in that six weeks.  Then I was sent off to see the psychologist.

The gastric sleeve
The psychologist (called Emma) was lovely.  We discussed the reasons for my overeating and if I am a emotional eater.  I'm not really I just enjoy eating.  Portion size is a big downfall of  mine.  She asked questions about my past and my childhood.  Some of this was rather painful for me to talk about but she was really lovely and put me at ease.  After we had been talking for a hour she said that she approved my surgery.  This was the one appointment I had been dreading as I knew if she had of said no then my hopes of a operation would have been dashed or I would have a even longer wait.  

I now have to wait for a phone call from one of the team telling me my next step.  I know I have to return to see the dietitian in six weeks time but after that? I'm not sure.

So I am now on the LCLD for six weeks.   Ive done five days already and its not as hard as I thought.  The hardest thing is being around other people when they eat.  The smells from cooking also are hard but I am blessed in that my husband does the cooking and so I'm not having to struggle with that.  I will update you here weekly as to my progress on the diet. 

I would love to hear from you if you are on this process or have been through it so please comment below.  It would be good to speak to others in the same kind of position.  

Bye for now
Hales xx

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