Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Phone call from the hospital and jelly belly!

Hello everyone.

So today I had a phone call from the hospital. 
They took some routine bloods from me at my last visit and it seems there are some problems with levels in my blood.  This means I can only stay on the LCLD for four weeks and I have to return to the hospital on 2nd March to be weighed.  This means I am too have lost the 1 1/2 stone in four weeks rather than the six weeks I was originally allowed.  I pray I can do this.  The nurse who rang me said that as long as Ive lost the required amount then the next appointment I have will be with the surgeon!  Exciting times! 
So now I just have to make sure that weight has gone!

As far as the LCLD is concerned I have stuck to it rigidly.  When the rest of the family had McDonalds I just drank my milk and coffee. I even "went out" for breakfast and just drank coffee.   I have resisted all the temptations.  I have not wavered one bit.  But Id be lying if I said it hasn't been difficult at times.  The smell of my husband cooking tea, the Grandchildren offering me one of their crisps or sweets.  The temptations are real my friends!

I found day 9 & 10 really hard.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened (except it was half term) but those two days stand out as the most difficult.  I had hunger pangs that I hadn't experienced before and found it hard to take my mind off food.  My real saving grace on those days were the book I was reading (hollow city from the miss peregrine range) and the sugar free jelly I always keep for evening time. 

 It seems almost anti social not to eat with people when they are eating.  But this is the price I pay if I want to reach my ultimate goal. Project GET HALES A SMALLER ARSE is on!

I will update you when I return from the hospital next week.
Bye for now
Hales x

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