Monday, 17 April 2017

Slimming world update week two

Hello everyone!

As you know from my last post, my husband and I joined slimming world.  I have aimed to lose two stone (28lbs)  before my gastric bypass.
The first week I put on 1/2lb.  Great!  The Husband lost 5lb!  OK so I accept this.  Ive only just started eating again after my stay in intensive care which you can read about  here on our family blog.  So I accept a slight weight gain as my body adjusts to eating again.

So one to week two.  I weighed on Saturday this week instead of Thursday as its school holidays and we've just been so busy.  I had lost 1/2lb!  What even is 1/2lb?  The weight of my knickers!  Maybe I will take them off for weighing next week!  Second thoughts! LOL
The Husband, THE HUSBAND!!!!! Lost 6lb!!  How is that even possible.  We eat the same things, although I eat smaller portions.  I know people lose weight at different rates but come on!  Give me a break!  Don't think I'm picking on the Husband, I'm so pleased that he is taking this chance to improve his life and health.  He has about 5 stone to lose and is well on the way to doing it.  I'm proud of him!

Ive tried slimming world  before.  I love the food and the way of eating but as a weight loss tool it just doesn't seem to work for me.  Ive paid for 12 weeks so I will stay the course and do my very best.  I will stick to the plan and pray before I get on the scales each week.  Who knows this could be the time it works for me. 

The slimming world consultants say "It will definitely work if you stay on plan"  Well Ive news for you!  It doesn't always!  Still lets see what next week brings!  I could get on and have a huge loss! 
Here's hoping!

See you soon
Hales xxx

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